Oregon White Oak FSC®

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Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) is known for its beauty and durability and sought for its warm color tones, ranging from vanilla to golden champagne to deep amber. It is remarkably durable and an excellent material for butcher block, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, wall cladding and other interior applications.

Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) is indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and grows from central California into British Columbia. In the Willamette Valley, it is estimated that more than 95% of our native oak habitat has been converted to orchards, vineyards, and residential development.  We are are partnering with The Oak Accord to help preserve, protect and restore oak habitat in the valley.  

Oak woodlands and savanna are now considered some of the most threatened ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest.   In response to this, a group of private land owners, with the help of Willamette Partnership, started The Oak Accord - a voluntary conservation program designed to promote long-term stewardship. We donate 10% of all Oregon White Oak sales to The Oak Accord. This commitment allows us and our customers to be involved with restoring this critical ecosystem.  FSC certified Oregon White Oak from Elkton Reserve storm damage is available to ensure responsible sourcing. 

For many decades, land owners in our region have under-valued this species, sending unwanted oak logs to local chip yards while importing vast quantities of Eastern White Oak. We help connect landowners to urban sawyers and mills to salvage storm damaged oaks for beautiful lumber instead of firewood.  We don't buy logs or process any lumber at our facility, but partner with  a network of sawmills and small businesses that do. 

Select &  Character Grades


  • 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 hardwood lumber, random width & lengths
  • Butcher Block - Side Grain 1.5" x 26.5" x 4', 6', 8', & 10' lengths
  • Live Edge Slabs occasionally in stock


  • Custom sizes in side grain butcher block
  • Plank-style and End Grain butcher block
  • 3" through 6" solid and engineered flooring
  • Stair treads and risers
  • Wall cladding and T&G paneling

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