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Ponderosa and Sugar Pine are light colored softwoods that are easy to work with and are typified by a larger but well spaced knot structure. Ours are sourced from FSC Certified forests that recognize their importance in the ecosystem and are managed so that that large mature trees will be present in the decades and even centuries ahead.

These native conifers are easily recognized by their long needles and large cones. Though they grow throughout the West, most of ours is coming from northern California and south-central Oregon. Pine grows in fire adapted ecosystems and even requires fire to thrive and regenerate; however, our changing climate is resulting in larger fires killing trees that in the past would have survived.

As a very easy to work with and stable wood, pine is ideal when wider boards are needed and light weight is more important than hardness.  These boards are great to use just as they are, but also provide the flexibility to run patterns and T&G profiles in a variety of widths.

The Collins Companies is our primary supplier of Pine. As the third mill to be FSC certified in the United States,  they demonstrate a long-standing commitment to sustainability. That dedication is matched by their commitment to the communities in which they operate. They provide stable employment and  investment in smaller towns that are often most in need of these resources.


  • #2 Common, S4S  1x12 x 8' and 16' lengths


  • Standard and custom T&G profiles in a variety of widths.  Ask for a quote. 


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