Live Edge Slabs

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Live Edge Slabs feature the natural edge of the living tree with all its unique characteristics and come in a variety of widths, lengths and thickness. Our inventory of Northwest slabs is ever-changing and on display at our Portland showroom, where we can help you find the perfect piece and can share the story behind each one.

Sourced from small mills throughout the region and salvaged from street tree removals in the Portland Metro area, our live edge wood slabs make a unique statement in the built environment. 

Tables, benches, furniture, bar tops, countertops and more can be made with the natural "live" edge of the tree incorporated as part of the design. We work with local sawmills that salvage logs from the chipper or firewood pile to give these trees a more noble destination. 

We purchase our live edge slabs from  mills around the region who cut, kiln dry, and surface to reveal the natural beauty within each piece.  We DO NOT cut trees or buy logs or mill, dry or process any wood at our location, but we partner with people that do! Click HERE for our list of resources for tree removals and mobile or custom milling services.

All slabs are kiln-dried for stability. Most are 2" thick, but other thicknesses are available for custom projects. Due to the unique nature of each piece, widths and character vary.


  • Campground Blue Pine (from fire salvage projects in the Pacific Northwest)
  • Restoration Juniper (from grassland restoration projects in Eastern Oregon)
  • Willamette Valley Walnut (urban and orchard salvage from the Willamette Valley)
  • FSC Big Leaf Maple (from FSC certified forests west of the Cascades)
  • Urban Salvage (salvaged from tree removals in the Portland Metro area)

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