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Restoration Juniper Garden and Landscaping Timbers are incredibly long lasting for direct ground contact applications due to the natural oils in the wood. This beautiful, durable and naturally rot-resistant lumber is ideal for raised gardens beds, organic gardening, retaining walls, agricultural trellises, arbors, play structures and more.

Sourced from grassland and watershed restoration projects in Central-Eastern Oregon, primarily in the John Day, Blue Basin area.  Juniper is rugged and enduring, like the land it comes from.  

Although it is a native species, the population of western juniper has exploded due to decades of wildfire suppression. Juniper out-competes other vegetation for already scarce water resources, threatening the habitat of the Greater Sage-Grouse and other wildlife. The removal of juniper through restoration projects is reestablishing Eastern Oregon's natural grasslands and water tables, supporting economic growth and jobs in rural Oregon, and providing a beautiful, durable building material for residential and commercial projects. 

We partner with more than a dozen small mills and family-owned businesses to harvest, process, cut, dry and mill into an array of beautiful Restoration Juniper products. Your purchasing dollars support these rural  communities and continuing efforts to restore the landscape. 

We stock #2 landscaping timbers and lumber in full-sawn (actual dimension) rough lumber.  Contact us to check our inventory and available stock on hand. 

  • 2" x 6", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 2" x 8", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 4" x 4", lengths 8'
  • 5" x 5", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 6" x 6", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 8" x 8", lengths 8' and 10'

Custom dimensions may be available, with some caveats considering the nature, character and personality of this wood.  Ask us about using Restoration Juniper for your project.
We also stock  1" x 6" x 6' and 8'  fencing, surfaced juniper decking, butcher block,  furniture-grade lumber, live-edge slabs, and other beautiful juniper products. 

Juniper landscaping lumber is primarily available in a #2 Rustic/Landscape grade, which typically includes some bark, knots, swirling grain and other typical juniper character. 
 #1 grade is available in most products for architectural applications. 

Dunn Lumber in Washington stocks our Restoration Juniper in 6x6x8 and 2x6x8 #2 landscape lumber. Other sizes available at Dunn Lumber by special order. 

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