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A wood deck can be an extension of your living space, creating a connection to the outdoors and a haven for hanging out with family and friends. Decking material responsibly sourced from small, family-owned businesses supports our local economy, communities and a thriving Northwest.

"We love using sustainable products and supporting local mills and Oregon based businesses and are very thankful for all that you guys do to make that possible." -- Myles Seaton - All Natural Additions

Juniper is locally sourced from grassland and watershed restoration projects in Central-Eastern Oregon and cedar comes to us from well-managed forestlands in the Pacific Northwest.  

Protect and restore fragile ecosystems and forestlands while creating jobs in our local communities with beautiful, long lasting real wood  solutions for your outdoor spaces.

Creating markets for local wood products supports a network of land stewards, small mills in our rural communities, and the regional fabricators who make our products.

RESTORATION JUNIPER decking is a local, sustainable alternative to plastic decking or imported tropical hardwoods,  and lasts much longer than cedar or redwood without added chemical treatments. It has a unique design aesthetic and promises decades of beauty and performance. Juniper is sourced from grassland and watershed restoration projects in Central- Eastern Oregon. Check out these ongoing Oregon State University studies  and stringent testing that helped take encroaching Western Juniper from an ecosystem threat to a commercially viable wood product.

  • Available in 2" x 6" x 8'   #1 kiln dried, S4S, E4E - surfaced to nominal dimension with eased edges

FSC® WESTERN RED CEDAR decking is sourced from FSC Certified Forests in Oregon & Washington and is cut, kiln dried and milled by small businesses just outside of Portland, creating a network of jobs while protecting precious resources for future generations. Though not as long lasting as juniper, cedar offers a more uniform appearance, longer lengths and dimensions that are not ideal in juniper. 

  • Available in  2" x 4" and 2" x 6" x random lengths 8-16', Select Tight Knot, kiln dried, S4S, E4E - surfaced to nominal dimension with eased edges

COW CREEK UMPQUA INCENSE CEDAR decking is sourced from well managed Tribal lands near Canyonville Oregon, kiln dried and milled locally, supporting our local communities.

  • Available in 2" x 6" x 10'  Select Knotty or Clear Grades,  kiln dried, S4S, E4E - surfaced to nominal dimension with eased edges

Routine sweeping and cleaning away debris, moss and algae are vital for the long life of your deck. Like all natural wood left exposed to sunlight and weather, both juniper and cedar will turn gray over time if left untreated. This can be delayed or prevented through the application of sealers or stains and can further extend the life of the wood.  We love and recommend Portland based TimberPro Coatings for  deck care and maintenance products.  

Wood decks need routine cleaning and  maintenance.  We recommend an annual inspection to look for damage & necessary repairs for the safety of your family and guests.  CLICK HERE for our Check your Deck guide  with tips and what to look for to help keep your deck ready for gatherings all season long.  

Restoration Juniper

FSC® Western Red Cedar

Cow Creek Umpqua Incense Cedar

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