Women in Sustainable Building

Women in the Sustainable Building Industry

As part of Sustainable Building Week, Sustainable Northwest Wood presents our next Sustainable Wood Story focused on Women in the Sustainable Building Industry.

Women represent less than 10% of the overall workforce in the construction industry, and only 3.4% in the trades. In general, women are paid only 81% of the salaries of their male counterparts, but in construction, salaries are much more equal. Companies are recognizing the benefits of a diverse workforce and the potential for women to have a positive impact in the building industry is tremendous. Our panel of speakers will feature a variety of perspectives from some incredible female leaders bringing their passion, expertise, and tenacity to a career focused on creating a better world for us all.

Esther Forbyn – Esther Forbyn LLC
Chelsea Acker – Green Hammer Design-Build
Brenda Gaynor – Oregon Tradeswomen

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