Why We're Portland's Best Source for Local Wood for the Greater Good

We're a different kind of lumberyard. Since launching our business in 2008, we've been building a wood products community where each purchase for the built environment ensures resilience in the natural one. Here are the top reasons why Sustainable Northwest Wood is Portland's go-to place to buy local lumber and Northwest wood products that benefit the greater good.

1. Local and sustainable sourcing - Everything we carry is grown and made in the Pacific Northwest (with only a couple exceptions)  and is either sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® forest and mills,  ecosystem restoration projects,  or is rescued from the waste stream for a higher purpose.  We are 100% committed to local, sustainable wood -- it is our entire product offering, not just a small percentage of what we carry. 

2. We are B Corp Certified and the first lumberyard in the world to be so.  We work constantly to reduce our footprint, amplify our positive impact and provide products sourced as close to home as possible. This focus allows us to be the lumber supplier of choice for Living Building Challenge projects in our region. 

3. Support for small sawmills - We  partner with over 40 mills and fabrications shops throughout the Northwest.  We support small mills in rural communities, bolstering sustainable economic development and job creation. We provide fair compensation, regardless of what the lumber commodity market tries to dictate. By working directly with local mills, we are able to offer our wood  products at competitive prices and never have to worry about product being stuck in a shipping container across the ocean. 

4. Convenient inner-city location -  Come to our Portland showroom,  enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or a happy hour beer from our in-house tap,  and tell us about your project, ask questions, get a quote, samples, and expert advice.  Our friendly, experienced team will help match your needs with the perfect NW species for the look, performance and price that fits your lifestyle and budget.  Easy access for cars, trucks, and bikes. 

5. Large product selection - From framing lumber to flooring, rustic landscaping timbers to high-quality hardwoods,  wall cladding to wood countertops,  we've got local wood products for every aspect of your building project,  whether you're building a garden box, an ADU or an International Airport.  

6. Support a non-profit organization - We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the conservation non-profit Sustainable Northwest, whose work throughout the Pacific Northwest forges collaborative solutions that restore forests, rivers, rangelands, and rural economies.  Our works supports theirs and helps ensure a sustainable northwest for all. 

7.  Perhaps, the best part is that we like to have FUN!  Building, remodeling, sourcing, specifying, and ordering under strict timelines can be stressful.   We invite you to come have some serious fun with us, make a positive impact in our forests and communities, and let us help you Build with Purpose.  We aim to make finding local, responsibly sourced wood easy and truly enjoy the work of being a Force for Good.  Come visit us today!

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