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Portland International Airport

An awe inspiring new main terminal at PDX is under way and is designed with a sense of place and a direct connection to our local forests.

For the past few years, we have been working with ZGF Architects,   Hoffmann Skanska, and Swinerton to plan wood elements in the new Main Terminal at Portland International Airport that would celebrate the forests and people of the Pacific Northwest. 

This year we have been able to see this ambitious project start to take shape.  Ambitious not just for its unique design elements and sheer scale, but also because the Port of Portland requested that the wood used be traceable back to sustainably managed forests in our region. 
 PDX Next has shared the stories of FOUR of the land stewards from whom we sourced the wood for the lattice ceiling. We are truly honored to be able to trace our wood products for this amazing project back to the local, well managed forests from which it came and support the great people who provide the Good Wood. 

We have been delighted to provide over 600,000 board feet of wood lattice that is all FSC Certified and 98% traceable to the mill that made it and the forest that grew it. For any of you who have heard “that can’t be done,” let this project serve as inspiration that it can.

Completion is expected in 2025, with most of the work being done behind temporary walls and offsite at a prefabrication lot northwest of the airport.  The new 9-acre roof will be lifted  into place in sections after completion offsite and will include an intricate wood lattice that will cover the entire ceiling.  The design by ZGF  is inspired by the feeling of walking through our Pacific Northwest forests.  You can follow the progress at  PDX Next. 

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