Partnering with the Oak Accord

Sustainable Northwest Wood loves Oregon White Oak and so do our customers; but are we "loving" it enough? Fire suppression, residential development, and conversion of native habitat for agricultural use have had a devastating effect on Oregon White Oak habitat. The greatest threat to oak is not the logging of individual trees, but the conversion of the oak habitat to other uses, such as vineyards and orchards. Today, a mere 3% of its historic range remains in the Willamette Valley. Our native oak woodlands and savannas are now considered some of the most threatened ecosystem types in the Pacific Northwest. 

In response to this, a group of private land owners, led by Willamette Partnership, started The Oak Accord- a voluntary oak conservation program designed to urgently create awareness of oak habitats importance, to limit or halt its ongoing and rapid loss, and to promote long term stewardship. The Oak Accord is working to restore 20,000 acres of oak in the Willamette Valley and Sustainable Northwest Wood is committed to help reach this goal.

As a supplier of locally sourced materials from well-managed forests, we believe that restoration is an essential component of a resilient ecosystem and vibrant economy. In light of this belief, we pledge our support of The Oak Accord. Our partnership allows us and our customers to get involved in restoring this critical ecosystem. Sustainable Northwest Wood will be donating 10% of every Oregon White Oak purchase to the Oak Accord. Through this partnership, your purchases will directly support on-the-ground restoration projects.

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