Our Mission

At Sustainable Northwest Wood, our mission is to foster a wood products community, where each purchase for the built environment ensures resilience in the natural one. We aspire to EDUCATE, CONNECT, INVEST and INSPIRE you to join this growing community of people who care about where our wood products come from and the great people who touch it along the way.

EDUCATE -  we show consumers, designers, architects, makers and builders the value of local, sustainable wood products and how their purchases can have a real impact in our communities

CONNECT - we seek out sustainable forestry efforts and connect them with local mills, and in turn connect our customers to the stories each piece of wood holds

INVEST - we develop market opportunities and build producers awareness of and capacity to serve them

INSPIRE - we offer wood products that represent the best of Northwest forestry and celebrate the creativity in utilizing it

We invite you to be part of our Sustainable Northwest Wood community and bring your passion, creativity, and curiosity for how to be a force for good. 

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