How Sasquatch Became our Mascot

Sasquatch is a charismatic megafauna legend and icon of enchantment living deep in the wild, moss laden forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Often spotted alone, and assumed to be a shy, even reclusive introvert, Sas actually has a large extended family and lives in harmony with a whole COMMUNITY of woodland friends who rely on each other and thrive in symbiotic relationship.

Flanked in rainbow, Sasquatch is a JEDI Warrior for climate, racial and social JUSTICE & EQUITY for all beings. Sasquatch appreciates the DIVERSITY of species in the forest, invites INCLUSION and celebrates our differences and common interests.

Sas is a steward of the land, with a deep understanding that CONSERVATION of our natural resources is vital for all creatures and healthy forests are the key to clean air, clean water, wildlife and humanoid habitat, now and for future generations.

Sas is a Woodworker, a Builder, an Artist and a Dreamer who likes to CREATE objects of beauty from the raw materials close by. Sas plays well with others and often brings in other Makers to help build useful things from the forest’s Good Wood.

Sas is keen on COLLABORATION and knows Xe doesn’t have all the answers, skills and tools necessary to make everything needed to thrive and gets by with a little help from friends.

Sasquatch represents dispelling the myth that we are too small to make a real difference and drives the ongoing search for innovating ways in which we can. As a small business, we recognize that our efforts and impacts are a tiny measure of what is urgently needed in the global picture. Sas brings our attention to our own FOOTPRINT every step of the way. We THINK GLOBALLY but ACT LOCALLY, where we can and do have a POSITIVE IMPACT in our communities. We are committed to doing our part to protect this beautiful place we call HOME, the place where we all live, work and play and trust that our efforts will ripple outward for generations.

We aim to make finding Sustainable Northwest Wood products EASY and hope to INSPIRE others to join our growing community of people that care – and have some FUN doing it. We want our customers to liken discovering us as a magical WOOD WONDERLAND tucked away in in SE Portland where the Spirit of Sasquatch is alive and well and the mantra is “What Would Sasquatch Do?

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