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Fresh From The Mills

Our inventory of Sustainable Northwest Wood is ever changing. See what has recently arrived and get your special piece before it's gone.


Myrtlewood (Umbellularia californica)  is in the Laurel family and is also known as Oregon Myrtle,  California Bay Laurel, Pepperwood, Spicewood, and a host of other names.  We call it BEAUTIFUL.  

Myrtle is a broadleaf evergreen hardwood, that grows from Southwestern Oregon to Northwestern California and is prolific on the coast range. Minerals from our region's fertile soils imbue the wood with a variety of color from deep chocolate, to tints of green and gray, to amber and golden honey.

This extra special batch of 6/4 (1.5" thick)  myrtlewood Fresh from the Mills is chock full of color, rich chocolate and buttery golden hues and lots of figuring. It has some fantastic wide boards to really show off its amazing grain.  A peek under the lumber wrap was met with gasps of ooooohs and aaaaahs.  You can see the reveal on our instagram page.

This won't be here long, so get it while you can cause it's HOT as a Portland summer day! 

Visit our Showroom &  Wood Wonderland in SE Portland to see our beautiful local wood in person or call us to talk to one of our wood enthusiasts about incorporating it into your upcoming projects. 503.239.WOOD

Myrtlewood Tansu Dresser by Cameron MacFarlane - MacFarlane Woodworks

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