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The sky is gray and has been mixed with rain, hail, sleet and snow.... so. much. snow.   But we know (trust, pray!) that Juniper Season is just around the corner.  For us, Juniper Season is the time of year just before spring, when the days are a little longer and the sun peeks out from the clouds for extended stretches of vitamin D deliciousness.  Time for planning and planting, building garden boxes, constructing retaining walls, putting up fences and installing decks.   

The past couple years have been wrought with supply challenges due to the pandemic, wild weather wreaking havoc on restoration sites, workforce shortages, equipment breakdowns and long delays for replacement parts, as well as record breaking demand for this beautiful, durable wood.  We've been working hard to resolve what's within our control, including adding new suppliers (aka jobs!),  ramping up production (aka restoration!)  and filling our Prineville distribution center and our woodyard with the Good Wood.  

All that to say, we are (currently)  WELL STOCKED with a MOUNTAIN of Restoration Juniper in all the sizes and products you love.  If you're thinking about those projects that perhaps you didn't get to last year, or have new ones coming up, give us a call!  503.239.9663 or shoot an email to     Placing orders ahead of time is always helpful and still recommended. But we're in much better shape to have what you need when you're ready to get going! 

Visit our Showroom &  Wood Wonderland in SE Portland to see and soak up the aroma of this wonderful wood in person and talk to one of our wood enthusiasts about incorporating it into your upcoming projects. 

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