We are a different kind of lumberyard: We exclusively offer locally sourced materials from well-managed forests and ecosystem restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest.

We are a mission-driven lumberyard with an old-school work ethic. We supply responsibly sourced lumber products for residential and commercial building and landscape projects. We sell to home owners, contractors and wholesale customers, and work with designers and architects from concept to completion. We offer expert advise, affordably priced products, and a quick turn-around with excellent customer service.  We have a great selection of products in stock and offer custom products and finished goods from a variety of regional mills and fabricators. We look forward to helping fulfill the lumber and specialty wood needs of our clients of all backgrounds.

Sustainable Northwest Wood was founded in 2008 as a for-profit subsidiary of the non-profit organization Sustainable Northwest. Sustainable Northwest works throughout the Pacific Northwest to forge collaborative solutions that restore forests, rivers, rangelands, and rural economies. Our profits return to Sustainable Northwest and support their work.

We are guided by the mission of supporting small mills in rural communities, bolstering sustainable economic development and job creation. By working directly with local mills, we are able to offer our products at highly competitive prices.

Everything we carry is from the Pacific Northwest and is grown on forests managed to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) or as part of stewardship programs restoring native ecosystems.  We are 100% committed to sustainable wood -- it is our entire product offering, not just a small percentage of what we carry.

Because we work with wood sourced exclusively from local forests, we have first hand knowledge of the management practices. We regularly organize forest tours to highlight the progressive forestry techniques that produce our wood products and invite our customers to visit the forests themselves to see and learn about the harvesting practices.

At Sustainable Northwest Wood we love to share stories about our wood and the people who grow and mill it. Give us a call and have us quote your next project, or stop by our showroom and warehouse to see the beautiful woods that are growing in our region. Together, we will create a Northwest that is truly Sustainable.

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Sustainable Northwest

is our parent non-profit and works to bring people, ideas, and innovation together so that nature, local economies, and rural communities can thrive.

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