Campground Blue Pine

Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to partner with small mills that are salvaging beetle-killed pine trees from public parks, campgrounds and range lands where the dead standing trees pose a risk to human users.

Blue pine can be any species of pine tree that acquires a natural blue stain left behind by the Mountain Pine Beetle or during the initial decay process following a fire. We call this wood Campground Blue Pine because much of our original supply was sourced from public parks and campgrounds, where the dead standing trees were removed for human safety.  Instead of becoming firewood, we're turning these salvaged logs into beautiful, useful wood products. 

This exceptional wood features dramatic natural blue streaking throughout the wood. It looks especially beautiful when used for flooring, furniture, countertops, accent walls, and ceiling paneling.

Here are some ideas for ways to new ways to use blue pine beyond paneling on the walls.

Blue Pine is a cost-effective and strikingly beautiful wood for applications including:

  • Wall paneling and accent walls
  • Flooring and trim
  • Ceiling and soffit paneling
  • Furniture and interior accessories
  • Live-edge bars and countertops


  • 1x6 and 1x8 T&G Paneling
  • Butcher block 
  • 4/4 and 8/4 Lumber
  • Live-Edge Slabs


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