Walnut Live Edge Slab

Epilogue Urban Lumber

Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to offer live-edge slabs sourced from neighborhood tree removal projects in the Portland metro area.

We are partnering with Epilogue LLC to offer these high-quality, one-of-a-kind slabs and specialty wood pieces at our urban lumber showroom. These slabs come from city trees that are removed due to disease, hazard situations, and development as the city's urban density increases. Each slab features the rough, natural edge of the tree, with all its unique characteristics. Ask us where yours came from -- we can share the story behind each piece.

Slabs have been ​surfaced and sanded to 120 grit on both faces and feature the natural live edge of the tree.  All slabs have been air-dried for one to three years depending thickness and species, kiln-dried to below 10% moisture content, and are ready to build!  


Wood from the urban forest is diverse and filled with surprises.  Our inventory is unique and ever-changing so make sure to check back every few months to see what is currently available. 

Click here to see photos of available slabs, with dimensions and pricing.
(We aim to keep this gallery up-to-date, but please contact us for confirmation of availability of specific slabs.)

Species include Myrtlewood, American Elm, Redwood, Big Leaf Maple, Black Walnut, Tulip Poplar, Birch, Chestnut, Sycamore, Cedar, and Pine.


Most urban trees are discarded as firewood or mulch instead of utilized for their prized lumber. David Barmon, co-owner of ​Epilogue LLC​ along with Mark Parisien and Daniel Baca, is at the forefront of developing a more holistic urban forestry system where systematic wood utilization is a priority. Watch ​Dave's TedX talk​ to learn more: 


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