Campground Blue Pine Flooring & Paneling

Campground Blue Pine is a unique and beautiful material for flooring, wall and ceiling paneling, and furniture.

Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to partner with small mills that are salvaging beetle-killed pine trees from public parks,  campgrounds, and private property where the dead standing trees pose a hazard to humans. We then have this beautiful blue-stained wood milled into flooring, paneling, and other interior finish materials.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is infesting forests in the American West at epidemic rates.  From Mexico through Canada, more than 150 million acres of forest have died as a result, an area roughly the size of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho combined. These millions of acres of dead standing trees pose an enormous risk for catastrophic wildfires, as the dead trees burn hotter and faster than living trees.

The beetles are a natural part of the forest cycle, but decades of poor forest management resulting in overcrowding, water stress, and general ill health, combined with warmer winters and a new ability for the beetles to breed year-round, is allowing them to proliferate at rates never before seen in American history.

"Blue Pine" can be any species of pine tree that acquires a natural blue stain after being infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle.  We work with Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine, which are the dominant evergreen species in the affected areas.  The wood is salvaged from dead-standing trees in public parks and campgrounds that pose a safety and fire risk risk. 

Flooring, face widths 3" through 10"
1x6 v-groove t&g paneling (5" face width)
4/4 rough lumber for trim and furniture
8/4 rough lumber for trim and furniture
Live-edge slabs

All of our in-stock Campground Blue Pine is kiln-dried. Live-edge slabs are available both rough and surfaced. 


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