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Restoration Juniper Landscape Timbers

Restoration Juniper Landscaping Timbers are long-lasting, beautiful, and chemical-free lumber that supports family-run mills committed to restoring Northwest ecosystems.

Our Restoration Juniper Landscaping Timbers are an ideal replacement for pressure-treated lumber for landscaping and gardening applications including raised beds, arbors, play structures, decks, and agriculture. Once installed, this low-cost solution promises decades of beauty and performance without the addition of any chemicals.

Juniper's legendary durability comes from its high content of natural aromatic oils. Similar to cedar and redwood, these oils prevent the microbial decay that causes wood to rot.  Juniper, however, lasts much longer than cedar or redwood in most in ground contact applications.  Check out these ongoing Oregon State University studies that are testing juniper's durability.

Our Restoration Juniper decking is sourced from small mills in Eastern Oregon's rural communities that obtain logs from rangeland restoration projects.

Although it is an indigenous species and familiar to everyone who has traveled east of the Cascades, juniper has become highly invasive as a result of decades of wildfire suppression. The tremendous growth of juniper is depleting the water tables of Eastern Oregon and increasing the hardship of many different plant and animal species.  The respectful removal of juniper through restoration projects benefits ranchers and small mills and is slowly restoring Eastern Oregon's natural grasslands and water tables.

Eastern Oregon Grassland Restoration projects - Click here to learn more about where our juniper is sourced.

Please call (503) 239-9663 or email us to check current inventory on hand. We generally stock the following sizes of landscaping timbers and lumber:

  • 2" x 6", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 2" x 8", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 4" x 4", lengths 8'
  • 5" x 5", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 6" x 6", lengths 8' and 10'
  • 8" x 8", lengths 8' and 10'

Other dimensions may be available by special order. Please contact us for a quote and lead time.

We also stock 1" x 6" and 1" x 4" fencing, surfaced juniper decking, furniture-grade lumberlive-edge slabs, and other beautiful juniper lumber. 

Custom timbers and beams are available.

Juniper landscaping timbers are generally available in a #2 Rustic/Landscaping grade, which typically includes some bark, knots and other typical juniper character.

#1 grades are also available for architectural applications.

Our Restoration Juniper is available at our warehouse in Portland, OR. 

Dunn Lumber in Washington stocks our  Restoration Juniper in 6x6x8 and 2x6x8  #2 landscape lumber. Other sizes availabe by special order. 

Our parent non-profit, Sustainable Northwest, put together this informational video to share the juniper story:


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