Restoration Juniper Decking

Restoration Juniper Decking is a long-lasting, beautiful, and chemical-free product that supports family-run mills committed to restoring Northwest ecosystems.

Our Restoration Juniper decking and siding are a beautiful, distinctive, and long-lasting alternative to cedar, Trex, imported tropical hardwoods like ipe, and other decking options.  It has a unique look that coordinates well with many different design styles. Once installed, it promises decades of beauty and performance.

Juniper's legendary durability comes from its high content of natural aromatic oils. Similar to cedar and redwood, these oils prevent the microbial decay that causes wood to rot.  Juniper, however, lasts much longer than cedar or redwood  in in-ground contact applications.  Check out these ongoing Oregon State University studies that are testing juniper's durability.

Like all natural wood, juniper left exposed to sunlight and weather will silver over time. This can be delayed or prevented through the application of sealers or stains, if desired.

Our Restoration Juniper decking is sourced from small mills in Eastern Oregon's rural communities that obtain logs from rangeland restoration projects.

Although it is an indigenous species and familiar to everyone who has traveled east of the Cascades, juniper has become highly invasive as a result of decades of wildfire suppression. The tremendous growth of juniper is depleting the water tables of Eastern Oregon and increasing the hardship of many different plant and animal species.  The respectful removal of juniper through restoration projects benefits ranchers and small mills and is slowly restoring Eastern Oregon's natural grasslands and water tables.

Eastern Oregon - Click here to learn more about where our juniper is sourced.

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2" x 6" x 8' kiln-dried, surfaced juniper decking


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