FSC® Western Red Cedar

Sustainable Northwest Wood's Western Red Cedar is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ and is harvested from forest restoration projects just outside the Portland metro area.

A Northwest gem, Western Red Cedar is prized for its rich warm colors and its ability to withstand years of exposure in outdoor applications.

Our FSC cedar is proudly milled by a family-operated business just 30 minutes outside Portland.

The Western Red Cedar is invaluable to our coastal landscape.  Years of habitual over-harvesting have threatened the delicate balance of the native species of plant and wildlife that are so dependent on these trees.  Responsible stewardship ensures that the old growth and ultimate health of the forest are protected.

Our Western Red Cedar is harvested through forest restoration programs like the on-going project at the Ellsworth Creek Preserve in southern Washington. This Nature Conservancy property is being lovingly restored to its former beauty and quality.  The Nature Conservancy purchased the entire watershed to protect old-growth forest, salmon, amphibians, birds and more. Working with scientists and partners, thousands of acres of forest and miles of vital streams are being restored.

Much of this restoration work, at Ellsworth Creek and at other similar properties in our area, is done through strategic thinning to reduce the number of trees per acre, open up the forest canopy, and allow the remaining trees to grow to their full potential. After decades of clear-cutting, forests through the Pacific Northwest are left over-crowded, with resulting stress and poor health. Super-selective thinning in strategic areas helps to allieviate this pressure and restore old growth conditions.

The cedar lumber that results from these programs is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Click here for more information about the source of our FSC Western Red Cedar.

Our 2x4 and 2x6 Tight Knot Cedar decking is surfaced on all four sides and is kiln-dried. It is stocked in our Portland warehouse and is available in lengths between 8' to 16'.  Also available for order includes additional sizes, siding, fencing and rough lumber.  Please contact us for lead time and quote.   


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