Pacific Albus is a unique hybrid of poplar and cottonwood with a uniform white color and delicate grain pattern.

Albus is a light weight and fast-growing tree that is cultivated along the banks of the Columbia River in Boardman, Oregon.  It is an economical, useful wood with a variety of applications.  We especially love it as a paneling product due to its light weight and ability to take stain and paint.

This species is a hybrid of cottonwood and poplar that was developed in the 80's for the pulp market (it is not a genetically modified organism). Following the acquisition of the Albus groves by The Collins Companies, the wood was discovered to have many properties that make it ideal for interior uses including trim, paneling, millwork, and plywood.

We stock FSC certified Pacific Albus in tongue-and-groove paneling with 3" beveled faces and Superior grade Albus boards in 4/4 thickness of random lengths.  We can also custom mill unique moldings and paneling for your unique project.


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