Recognized for its dark range of rich colors and swirling grain patterns, Oregon Walnut is famous among luthiers and fine furniture makers.

Walnut is a very hard wood of intense beauty, with dark chocolate, caramel, and occasional vanilla tones that redden with exposure to sunlight.  It makes a beautiful floor, as well as furniture, butcher block, and accents in a wide variety of additional interior applications.

Brought over from England as root stock, Oregon's walnut is not a native species and is mainly found in controlled orchard settings, urban yards, and other areas where it has been planted intentionally. 

Our walnut is milled from beetle damaged trees salvaged from backyards in the Willamette Valley.  Many of the walnut trees brought to the Pacific Northwest by early immigrants have become victims of a fast-spreading disease transmitted by beetles, called Thousand Cankers Disease, and become hazard trees that require removal from backyards.

  • 4", 5", and 6" character-grade flooring
  • 4/4 through 12/4 hardwood lumber
  • Live-edge slabs
  • Butcher block


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