Sustainable Northwest Wood supplies locally harvested, sustainably sourced Oregon Myrtle hardwood flooring, trim, and other products.

Myrtle is recognized for its striking variation in color and character, offering a range from blonde to dark chocolate to radiant gold.  Minerals drawn up through the soil and into the tree lend accents of slate blues and greens, and the wood offers a unique luster that often gives it a three-dimensional look. Because of these properties, Oregon Myrtle is sought by woodworkers and luthiers from around the world.

We love the look of a myrtlewood floor.  We offer it in face widths between 3" and 6". It is kiln-dried to less than 12% moisture content, with a traditional tongue-and-groove profile, end-matching, and lengths up to 96".

Our myrtle is sourced from the southern Oregon coast and comes from a network of small mills.  FSC® certified myrtlewood is available.

Also known as California Bay Laurel, this hardwood species is found along coastal areas in Southern Oregon and Northern California.  It can live for many hundreds of years, regenerating itself from its roots when the trunk and branches are damaged.

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