Oct 4, 2012

Add flavor to your kitchen with fresh local butcher block, harvested from nearby forests


Add flavor to your kitchen with fresh local butcher block, harvested from nearby forests

Autumn always reminds us of the generosity of our region's agricultural lands through the bounty of our crops and the promise of nourishment through the winter.

The forests surrounding our cities are no different: They generously provide the wood for building our shelters and keeping us warm and protected through the colder seasons.

This is why we are pleased to introduce new Oregon Hardwood Butcher Block counter tops made from sustainably harvested local hardwoods!

By sourcing our wood from salvage sources and respectful, small-scale harvesting, we are paying our respects to the forests that sustain life for so many species, humans included.

Now available in:

  • Madrone (Salvaged, Central Point)
  • FSC Big Leaf Maple (Hyla Woods, Gaston)
  • Oregon White Oak (Zena Forest, Rickreall)
  • FSC Doug Fir (Zigzag Doug Fir, Zigzag)

Our Oregon Hardwood Butcher Blocks are:

  • In stock and ready for installation
  • Kiln-dried, solid hardwood
  • Made from FDA-approved adhesives
  • 1 1/2" x 27", ready to be trimmed to fit your space
  • Lengths up to 10'
  • Custom dimensions available 

Photos, from top: Oregon White Oak butcher block features a unique grain pattern reminiscent of wine country; a Madrone butcher block counter top provides a perfect warm dining surface at a restaurant in Portland. 

May 10, 2012

New Big Leaf Maple Panels: Unique, Beautiful, and Completely Local!


New Big Leaf Maple Panels: Unique, Beautiful, and Completely Local!

We recently developled a breathtaking new product that pushes the boundaries of sustainable and truly triple bottom line materials. 

Previously, the only FSC maple plywood and panels we were able to find were made from Eastern Maple, which is known for its clarity and pale blonde color.  While Eastern Maple is beautiful, and very commonly used, we needed to provide an alternative that is made entirely from wood grown in our region.

Behold: Our new Big Leaf Maple architectural-grade panels are FSC, local, and Red List Ready -- perfect for LEED, Living Building Challenge, and other cutting-edge green projects!

We started with FSC certified Big Leaf Maple hardwood from a small, family owned and operated forest just south of Portland that mills their wood on-site.  These beautiful book-matched slabs were then applied to PureBond plywood, which hails from Klamath Falls, OR, and is made using an advanced alternative to urea formaldehyde adhesives.  The glue-ups were completed in Eugene, OR, and then brought to our warehouse in Portland.

This short supply chain and collaboration with businesses in our neighboring communities helps keep our investments in the Pacific Northwest, right where we want them, and ensures that our products are not only environmentally sustainable, but also socially responsible and economically beneficial along each step of the chain.

We now stock the panels in 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" thicknesses, perfect for cabinetry, doors, furniture, and other applications. 

Photo, top: The photo at the top righ shows the new maple panels with Osmo Polyx-Oil (background), which brings ou the red tones in the wood, and Vermont Natural Coatings (layer with logo), which softens the warm tones of the wood.
Photo, below: This robust Big Leaf Maple is growing in the small, family-owned FSC forest where the maple in our new architectural panels originates.

Feb 7, 2012

Jonathan Nussbaum's heirloom-quality fine furniture showcases local hardwood


Jonathan Nussbaum's heirloom-quality fine furniture showcases local hardwood

We love to see our local hardwoods turned into beautiful, functional fine furniture, and few do it better than our friend Jonathan Nussbaum.

Jonathan works with many species of wood to create classic fine furniture that highlights the beauty and individual characteristics of each piece of wood.  A dedicated participant in the Build Local Alliance, Jonathan is fully committed to using local, responsibly harvested wood and helping to influence others to make the same good choice.

Be sure to check out Jonathan's website at www.nussbaumfurniture.com.

From top: Jonathan at work on a set of Oregon White Oak dining stools in his Portland studio; a Big Leaf Maple kitchen that traveled a total of 60 miles from forest to installation; a walnut and spalted maple media console.



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