Oct 4, 2012

Add flavor to your kitchen with fresh local butcher block, harvested from nearby forests


Add flavor to your kitchen with fresh local butcher block, harvested from nearby forests

Autumn always reminds us of the generosity of our region's agricultural lands through the bounty of our crops and the promise of nourishment through the winter.

The forests surrounding our cities are no different: They generously provide the wood for building our shelters and keeping us warm and protected through the colder seasons.

This is why we are pleased to introduce new Oregon Hardwood Butcher Block counter tops made from sustainably harvested local hardwoods!

By sourcing our wood from salvage sources and respectful, small-scale harvesting, we are paying our respects to the forests that sustain life for so many species, humans included.

Now available in:

  • Madrone (Salvaged, Central Point)
  • FSC Big Leaf Maple (Hyla Woods, Gaston)
  • Oregon White Oak (Zena Forest, Rickreall)
  • FSC Doug Fir (Zigzag Doug Fir, Zigzag)

Our Oregon Hardwood Butcher Blocks are:

  • In stock and ready for installation
  • Kiln-dried, solid hardwood
  • Made from FDA-approved adhesives
  • 1 1/2" x 27", ready to be trimmed to fit your space
  • Lengths up to 10'
  • Custom dimensions available 

Photos, from top: Oregon White Oak butcher block features a unique grain pattern reminiscent of wine country; a Madrone butcher block counter top provides a perfect warm dining surface at a restaurant in Portland. 

Jun 8, 2012

Madrone: Our Native Exotic


Madrone: Our Native Exotic

Madrone is one of the most abundant hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest, yet few have seen its beautiful wood.  For many decades, madrone had the reputation of being hard to work with and dry, so sawyers and woodworkers shied away from it, preferring more familiar hardwoods.

Recently, however, advances in drying and milling techniques have allowed madrone to become easier to work with.  Which is an excellent development, as madrone offers a look and performance unparalleled by any other native Northwestern hardwood.

Madrone registers at 1460 on the Janka hardness test, much harder than species commonly used for flooring or other high-impact installations, such as oak, cherry, or walnut.  Its hardness and the unique swirl of its grain lend it the look and feel of an exotic wood, more akin to something that would be imported from the tropics.

Unlike sapele, wenge, or bubinga, though, which travel thousands of miles before arriving in North America -- and come from highly problematic sources -- madrone grows right in our own backyards.

Our madrone is sourced from small mills in the Umpqua and Rogue Valleys, where it grows abundantly in the rocky soils and temperate climate.  

For installations where a hard, durable, and visually striking wood is desired, our native madrone is the perfect alternative to imported exotics.

Photo, above: A mature madrone grows along the banks of the Willamette in Portland.
Photos, below: A madrone bedframe by The Joinery; solid madrone flooring at a LEED Platinum home in Portland, by Don Young & Associates.

Jan 26, 2012

This bathroom remodel showcases a pitch-perfect pairing of madrone and marble


This bathroom remodel showcases a pitch-perfect pairing of madrone and marble

Interior designer Alex Zimmer at Portland's studiozimmer composed this gorgeous master bath.  We love the contemporary, clean lines of the vanity, which was built using our exclusive FSC-certified Madrone architectural panels, especially when paired with the cool, creamy tones of the Carrera marble tile. 

Notice the frame on the custom mirror -- also built out of the madrone!

Big thanks to photographer David Papazian for the artful shot.

Here's a larger version of the photo:



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