Jun 27, 2014

Sustainable NW Wood is Hiring!

By Tamra



Title:                     Director of Business Development

Sustainable Northwest Wood Distribution Center

Employment:        Full-time with benefits

Location:               Sustainable Northwest Wood Office

                                225A SE Division Place

                                Portland, OR 97202

Reports to:            Ryan Temple, President, Sustainable Northwest Wood, Inc.



Sustainable Northwest Wood www.snwwood.com is the regional leader in providing local and sustainable wood products.  Our mission is to facilitate the incorporation of local materials in green building projects and support rural wood products manufacturing businesses by expanding their sales opportunities.  We serve wholesale and contractor markets throughout the West by offering structural lumber, hardwoods, architectural millwork and landscape timbers.

We are a for-profit subsidiary of Sustainable Northwest (SNW), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to restoring forests, rivers, and rangelands for healthier habitat and clean air and water. Founded in 1994, SNW brings people together to find common ground, to heal the land and rebuild rural economies. 

Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Develop and promote new products for wholesale distribution market.
  • Grow customer base of retailers, contractors, landscapers and woodworkers.
  • Work with architects and contractors for the specification of SNW Wood products in commercial and larger residential projects.
  • Serve existing customer base with exemplary service, sales force training, prompt quoting, on time delivery, and consistent follow-up and support.
  • Create and distribute all necessary sales materials.
  • Maintain web presence through website, social media and email list serves
  • Represent and promote the SNW Wood brand in a variety of market settings including shows, events, presentations and customer calls.
  • Maintain contact and relations with suppliers to the distribution center
  • Set and maintain quality control standards
  • Fulfill FSC Chain of Custody requirement

Work Environment:

SNW Wood is proven and innovative company that encourages creativity, initiative and growth in its employees.  We believe that personal fulfillment is a critical ingredient to professional success.  We are closely affiliated with SNW, a dynamic organization that encourages diverse responsibilities among its staff and collaboration among its initiatives.  Within the framework of its mission, SNW employs an entrepreneurial approach to its programmatic focus, work, and employment. 

Candidate Qualifications:

We are seeking a sales experienced candidate with excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail and a foundation of knowledge in wood products and small business management.  The successful candidate will possess:

  • A desire to play a leadership role with an innovative business, pioneering the sustainable wood products marketplace
  • At least three years relevant professional experience in sales and marketing wood products. 
  • Understanding of market trends in green building and architectural design and insight to the wood products that could serve these markets
  • Familiarity with inventory management systems and basic accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of hardwood and softwood lumber grading rules and pricing systems
  • Experience in typical shipping and freight systems used for wood products
  • Commitment to the values and principles inherent within the Sustainable Northwest Wood Distribution Center.

$40,000 base plus profit sharing incentives of at least $15,000.

We offer excellent benefits, including:

  • Complete health coverage (medical, dental, life & vision) covered by employer
  • Retirement plan
  • 4 weeks annual PTO accrued monthly from start date

Anticipated Start Date:

September  1, 2014

To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to ryan@snwwood.com



Sustainable Northwest is an equal opportunity employer.

May 7, 2014

Three tips for juniper woodworking projects


Three tips for juniper woodworking projects

So you want to work with juniper? Good idea. This remarkable wood promises incredible durability in outdoor settings, as well as an organic, natural, and rich wabi-sabi aesthetic for pieces both indoors and out.

We recommend learning about, and then working with,  juniper's unique properties. This wood has very different characteristics than other common species, so adjust your plans and technique to accommodate, and then enjoy the results!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Elasticity: One of juniper's unique attributes is the elasticity of the wood.  There is a great deal more tension present in the cut lumber than in other common softwoods.  It is not uncommon for juniper, especially smaller or thinner dimensions, to bend or warp slightly, even after careful kiln-drying.

    But unlike fir, cedar, or hardwoods, juniper can be flexed back into a straight line. For glue-up installations such as tables, be sure to plan for this movement (i.e., use biscuit joints in addition to glue, or keep the pieces clamped until fully dry).
  2. Kiln-drying: All of our 1x6 and live-edge slabs of juniper are kiln-dried. This aids with stability and with pest control.  Kiln-drying is the only way to ensure that juniper beetles, which live harmlessly in all juniper trees and pose no threat to other species of tree, are eliminated from the finished piece.

    Larger dimensions of juniper are not kiln-dried, unless kiln-drying is specified at the time of order and the dimensions of the lumber are small enough to yield good results in the kiln. Anything thicker than 3" generally is not kiln-dried due to the amount of time required in the kiln to get the wood dry (many months, depending on the size of the beam). This means that for these larger pieces of juniper, it is possible, although unlikely, for live insects to be present in the wood.
  3. Dimensions: We stock 1x6, 2x6, and 4x4 rough juniper lumber, as well as live-edge slabs of a variety of widths and lengths. We can custom-order larger sizes for special projects. However, be sure to plan for juniper's inherent size limitations.

    Unlike fir trees, which can grow to 300' or higher and yield lumber lengths of 20' and more, juniper lumber's maximum length is much shorter as the trees generally only get to 20' or 30'. We have successfully provided large beams measuring 12" wide by 15' long, but the supply of such large logs is very limited. Please contact us for current availability.

Photo above: This magnificent juniper conference table, built by Neil Kelly Cabinets, uses many dimensions of juniper, including our 6x6 landscaping timbers, 8/4 and 12/4 slabs, and our 2x6 landscaping timbers.
Photo below: This juniper slat wall, built by Green Furniture Solutions, was built on plywood first so the juniper lumber could be manually straightened and then screwed down, ensuring a finished piece with perfectly straight lines. Photo by James Lohman.

Mar 26, 2014

Green Hammer Sets the Standard for Sustainable Wood Sourcing


 Green Hammer Sets the Standard for Sustainable Wood Sourcing

Since its creation in 2002, local design-build firm Green Hammer has truly put its money where its mouth is when it comes to using only the most sustainable lumber and wood products available.

Every Green Hammer project is built with lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Green Hammer was the first contractor in the United States to achieve its own chain-of-custody certification from FSC, and founder Stephen Aiguier is an ardent advocate for the advanced forestry techniques embodied by FSC's auditing system.

FSC is, of course, only one way to measure the sustainability of wood products. Other sources including urban salvage and reclaimed timbers can also provide legitimately green lumber, and Green Hammer regularly employs these sources in its projects.

Back in 2005, before FSC wood was readily available at local lumberyards, Stephen was frustrated by the difficulty in sourcing good wood.  He teamed up with local forester Peter Hayes to establish the Build Local Alliance, a pioneering non-profit that helps connect builders and designers to local sawmills and wood sources.

Sustainable Northwest Wood is a member and supporter of the Build Local Alliance, and much of our wood comes from mills that have achieved continued growth and success thanks to the networking connections enabled by Stephen's early leadership and vision.

These days, due in large part to forward-thinking builders like Green Hammer who insist on their use, FSC lumber and other kinds of uber-local, deep-green wood are readily available to Portland builders through Sustainable Northwest Wood, the Build Local Alliance, and a rich network of salvage and reclaimed operations.

Green Hammer continues to make beautiful use of these wood products in each of its projects, setting an example for other builders while supporting local sawmills and forest restoration projects.

We applaud and thank the folks at Green Hammer for their hard work and continued commitment to sustainable wood.

Photo at top: The cedar fascia on this home is FSC 100%, sourced through Sustainable Northwest Wood and the Build Local Alliance.
Photo below: The Doug fir trim shown is this photo is FSC, as are the framing, plywood, and all other structural wood materials that comprise this artful home.




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