Pacific Madrone Flooring

Sustainable Northwest Wood's Pacific Madrone flooring is a solid hardwood floor with many decades of performance and a remarkably rich and interesting look.

A unique Northwestern hardwood with an incomparable warm look, Pacific Madrone is prized for its rich burgundy, salmon, and warm cream color range. This very hard wood makes an ideal floor, promising much resistance to wear-and-tear and ever-deepening colors.

Our madrone flooring is available in face widths of between 3" and 6". It is kiln-dried to less than 12% moisture content, with a traditional tongue-and-groove profile, end-matching, and lengths up to 96". It is available in Character and Select grades.

Engineered and prefinished options are also available.

Madrone registers at 1460 on the Janka hardness test, much harder than species commonly used for flooring or other high-impact installations, such as oak, cherry, or walnut.  Its hardness and the unique swirl of its grain lend it the look and feel of an exotic wood, more akin to something that would be imported from the tropics.

Our madrone is sourced from small mills in the Umpqua and Rogue Valleys.

Madrone is one of the most abundant hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest, yet few have seen its beautiful wood.  For many decades, woodworkers have shied away from madrone due to its incredible hardness and resistance to even drying. However, recent advances in drying technique, and increasing skill on the part of sawyers, are now allowing us to successfully mill and dry madrone lumber into high-quality, durable flooring and other products.

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