May 17 2016

Paul Johnson: Making plywood sexy

By KC Eisenberg

We don't often give plywood much credit. It's usually covered up with other wood, bearing loads and building boxes but not really getting much attention. Local carpenter Paul Johnson changes that dynamic and crafts amazing things with this otherwise basic material. Paul posseses the uncommon ability to make plywood sexy.

Paul is a dedicated patron of our FSC-certified plywood products. He uses our AC-grade and maple plywoods for his custom cabinetry and built-in projects, each of which demonstrate his keen attention to detail and the fine quality of his craftsmanship.

Oftentimes the plywood receives a sleek coat of paint, but Paul also likes to use our pre-finished maple plywood for the cabinet boxes and interiors. Recently he also used our Willamette Valley Walnut architectural plywood for a built-in media unit, highlighting its exquisite book-matched patterns, framing it with solid walnut lumber, and finishing it with OSMO PolyxOil.

Paul excels at collaborating with clients to tuck custom cabinetry into a home's nooks and crannies, turning otherwise awkward void spaces into functional and beautiful storage areas. He says, "I want to make everything fit exactly and make sure no space is wasted."

Paul is unusual among general contractors in that he builds and installs most of the cabinetry and finish work himself. "I want to be here by myself doing all this stuff, paying attention through the entire process," he says. This hands-on ownership and close attention to detail is evident in Paul's work, as seen in the photos below.

You can view more of Paul's work here:

All photos credit Nina Lee Johnson.