May 11 2016

Fieldwork Design gets familiar with local wood

By KC Eisenberg

It’s one thing to specify a type of wood for a design project. It’s quite another to get to know that wood, to put a chunk of it up to a sawblade and learn how it behaves, how it feels in your hands, and what it has to say about finishes. The design team at Fieldwork Design love this process of getting familiar with the woods they use for their design projects.

Fieldwork approaches each project individually, designing and building unique fixtures with materials that are carefully selected for each space. The design team conceptualizes the space and then works with their in-house woodshop to build one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, light fixtures, and architectural features for it.

One of Fieldwork's designers, Tim Fouch, goes through phases with the woods he selects for his projects. He recently went through an oak phase, incorporating our Oregon white oak architectural plywood and solid lumber into several residential and commercial projects. In each of these projects, he paired the oak with different materials, giving each space a completely different look even though the same wood was used. At Upper Left Roasters in SE Portland, large surfaces covered in wide planks of oak join copper-stained concrete and glossy white objects for a crisp, modern feel. For a tech office build-out in Portland, oak was stained deep black or arranged in elaborately angled windowframes for a hip, young aesthetic to match the company's branding – the same wood in both projects, but expressed in vastly different ways.

Right now Tim’s team is exploring juniper, using it for a massive outdoor bench at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and potentially for footbridges throughout Forest Park. Tim chose juniper for these projects because of its legendary durability, but when he got a piece of the wood into his hands and under a sander he was surprised by the beauty of the grain and the colors of the wood.

We’re eager to see the beautiful and trend-setting ways Fieldwork expresses juniper and our other exceptional wood products in their future projects.

You can view more of Fieldwork's work here.

Photo at top: The detail of the custom solid oak tables made for Upper Left Roasters.
Photos below: Evidence of Tim's Oregon white oak phase. Upper Left Roasters showcases wide planks of Oregon white oak on its service counter and the soffits above; the BeFunky office in NE Portland features black-stained white oak and custom architectural features made by Fieldwork's fabrication shop.

All photos by Brian Walker Lee Photography.